Today I am thankful for my moisteriser.  My hands and legs have been quite dry today, and they always feel nice and soft once a bit of moisteriser is applied.  And this one smells so nice 🙂

And just cause I can….

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Today I would like to thank one of my workmates.  She is a very generous lady who is forever passing things on to me if she has no use for them and believes I do.  For example she has given me her whole box set of Will and Grace, mostly still untouched,because once she bought it and watched a couple of episodes she realised she didnt really like it.  She has given me numerous other DVD’s and CD’s, cookbooks etc etc.

I have recently bought a new camera and today she gave me a few attachements to go with my lenses.  I’m not quite sure how to use them, but I’m sure she’ll show me

Thanks Lyn!!  I appreciate everything you’ve passed onto me over the years

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Great Weekend!!

This weekend been a great weekend.  Firstly summer Tennis comp resumed on Saturday arvo, beautiful weather and we had a great win, then we celebrated my sister’s Birthday (again) with all of our friends and then today (Sunday), I helped celebrate one of my BF’s sons 2nd Birthday.  Great weekend!!!….with a lot to be thankful for

My two sisters 🙂

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I consider myself to be quite a spontaneous person.  Live and let live I say.  Today was one of those days

Being spontantoues has really helped me experience a lot of my life…from travelling the world, changing jobs, making new friends and its also helped in my health and fitness by doing marathans, triathlons and 150km bike rides.  Believe me when I say I didn’t plan a lot of these in advance, but I’m so glad I’ve done them all

Including today’s little spontaneous adventure 🙂

I’m thankful for what life has thrown my way so far

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Babysit…..who me?

So yesterday’s post didn’t quite eventuate as I was called at the the last minute to babysit my BF’s 3 kids.  So I rushed there after work, thinking I would be doing the feeding, bathing, book reading etc, but luckily for me that had all been done and they were in bed.  I was very thankful, so I popped myself on the couch with a class of wine and relaxed

But this post is dedicated to my local green grocer.  I went and did my weekly fruit and veg run.  They’re a great little Asian deli that is full of fresh produce and I love going there

They always have a box of stuff at the register thay they’re trying to give away, so this is what she threw in for $2

Thank you….although I don’t know what I’m going to do with all those beans 🙂

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Caught in the rain

Today in my hometown of Melbourne it rained basically all day which is great as we are slowly coming out of a drought and every rain drop helps….so I am very thankful for the rain

But I was also very thankful as the rain stopped for a very short time tonight giving me a window to walk Chloe, the sun was even shining

Well I thought we had a window…..we came home looking like two drowned rats!!

The rain though is fanstastic

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I was thinking about Pizza all day and not the healthy homemade kind, but whilst walking home from work I walked past the fruit and vegie market and thought…just make your own.  So I bought some yummy vegies and did just that

For that I am thankful

Sorry no after pick I ate it too fast

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